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Start Time & Date
10:30am, Sunday the 15th of May, 2016
End Time & Date
1:30am, Sunday the 15th of May, 2016
14 McKean Street, Bairnsdale, Victoria, 3875, Australia

Introduction to Biodynamic Practices. (Led by Sharon Dent). Practical hands-on workshops, informal with plenty of time for questions and discussion. Venue Organic Centre, with some farm or garden visits. 10.30 am Start. We suggest you wear working clothes and bring food to share for lunch.

Sunday April 10th - BD500 stir, and talk about benefits of BD501 in humid conditions. Sunday May 15th - Building a BD compost heap, use of preps in compost, benefits of compost. We will need prunings and other leafy matter for the compost heap, preferably shredded (though we could do this at the organic centre). Sunday June 19th - Pruning and applying tree paste. Sunday July 10th - making a cowpat pit - we will need lots of bricks for this, if you can donate a few it would be a great help. In August and September we will be burying cow horns somewhere, and also having a share day for herbs - divisions very welcome of the following: Yarrow Valerian Chamomile Note: nettles and equisetum are also used but nettles grow from seed and equisetum is a weed in Australia and best obtained dried.

Biodynamic growing is an advanced organic system where a range of methods are used to enhance the growth of plants without using chemical sprays or artificial fertilizers. These include biological activator preparations which enliven soils and plants. The ones we will be looking at are BD500 and BD501. BD500 is made in a special process from cow manure, and fosters soil fertility, microbial activity and humus development. BD501 is finely ground quartz crystals and brings light to the plants, strengthening them in times of excess water, resulting in crisper, more upright plants with more flavor and better keeping quality. Soil fertility is based on compost and we will be building a biodynamic heap, learning about the compost preparations and talking about how biodynamic practices restore degraded soils. Cost: $5/day single, $10/day family. If participants wish to take some of the preps home a small donation may be made.

Email: organics@oaa.org.au Phone; (03) 5152 2276

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