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Jim and Jackies Treechange Permablitz by Permablitz Southern Gippsland

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Start Time & Date
9:00am, Saturday the 26th of August, 2017
End Time & Date
4:00pm, Saturday the 26th of August, 2017
Poowong, Victoria, Australia

Poowong’s first Permablitz! Jackie and Jim invite you to be part of their tree change story.

"Our straw bale house is almost finished. Now it’s time for our sustainable garden. It’s a blank canvas with 2 acres of pasture to turn into productive garden.

We’ll be starting with trees – Hazelnuts, carob, olives, chestnuts, citrus. Help and learn about native planting to attract birds and good bugs; and - nut trees - great staple and good windbreak. Come for the Hazelnut grove workshop held by Karen Sutherland of Edible Eden Designs.

Then native creek bed planting – carex, tea tree, lomandra and other water plants to encourage insects and birds as well as help our giant earthworm colonies. Karen will also do a water plants workshop here too.

If we get time we’ll add to the start of our fruit den with some apple trees and under story berry boxes. Future projects include a hen haven and a vegie stair case.

Can’t wait to share this learning experience with you. Such a great opportunity to learn about permaculture and garden design. Tours of our straw bale pole house available too."

Please register at their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/jimandjackiestreechange/events/

Attendees will be sent the address and directions prior to the event. Please make sure that you wear adequate protective clothing,do some light stretching before starting work and work within your abilities to prevent injuries. Please bring a mug, water bottle and bring with you simple hand gardening tools to help out on the day.

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