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Start Time & Date
10:00am, Wednesday the 8th of July, 2015
End Time & Date
3:00pm, Wednesday the 8th of July, 2015
Saleyards Road, Sale, Victoria, Australia

Silage wrap is recyclable. Burning is illegal. The material can be reprocessed in Melbourne and Tapex either use it or on sell to other Australian manufacturers to be made into other plastic products such as Plasback’s Tuffdeck & Tuffboard, bollards, fence posts, speed humps and outdoor furniture and agricultural products

Silage wrap will be accepted free if presented in Plasback bags. http://www.plasback.com.au/ Use green liners Plasback for “Silage Wrap Only” & Red liners for twine. Both are available from local Ag Supply stores Material needs to be shaken clean of silage and gravel. One Plasback silage wrap liner will hold 16 – 20 round bale silage wraps.

Silage wrap can be dropped off in Bulka Bags, but this will incur $10 fee per bulka bag to cover additional handling costs

If you would like more information please contact; Mal Rogers, Tapex mrogers@tapex.com.au Ph 0407531052 or Gippsdairy executiveassistant@gippsdairy.com.au Ph 5624 3900


Silage Wrap Recycling in Sale drop off 8and9 July.pdf
Uploaded by Luke Wilkinson · Tuesday the 12th of May, 2015

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