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Start Time & Date
9:00am, Saturday the 28th of February, 2015
End Time & Date
12:00pm, Saturday the 28th of February, 2015
110 Williams Rd, Woodleigh 3945 then 105 Cosgriffs Rd, Outtrim 3951 then 69-77 Cashin Street Inverloch 3996

The first property is the Woodleigh property of Alexandra and Lucas Farmer. This couple grow pumpkins and have developed an irrigation system that is innovative and effective. This farm is located at 110 Williams Rd, Woodleigh.
We will leave at approx. 9.45am to travel to Kitlake Farm, the property of Gina and Sid Cowling at 105 Cosgriffs Rd, Outtrim. We will look at their unique drip irrigation system developed in Israel for irrigating desert kibbutz. Lastly we will go to the Inverloch property of Joe and Suzanna Aiello; Jjaras farm gate and café at 69-77 Cashin Street Inverloch for a tour and lunch (at your own expense).

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Jill Vella

Hi all, here are the details about the soil additive used at the Jjaras farm gate market garden. The product is Humus plus 4 and is distributed by Jeff Clark. http://humusplus4.com.au/ A truck load is 30 tonnes (which is about 30 cubic metres). It is possible to purchase a cubic metre for $120 a tonne picked up, but Jeff would prefer the group to buy a truck load cooperatively. This will cost about $2200.00.
It is beyond the scope of the project to facilitate this, but I hope you find a way to work together to obtain the product if you wish.

5 years ago
Jill Vella

Hi Attendee's - Welcome!, Just catching up before next Saturday’s big day out. We are meeting at the farm of Lucas and Alexandra Farmer at 9.00am. They live at 110 Williams Road Woodleigh. Williams Road is off St Heliers road, and is a no through road (despite what google maps says!) You must drive in from St Heliers Road. St Heliers road runs from the South Gippsland Hwy between Loch and Nyora, and from the Bass Hwy at the Gurdies via the Gurdies - St Heliers road and the Nyora - St Heliers Road. Lucas’s house is the fourth house on the RHS on Williams Road next to a big playground. Drive down the driveway and over the dam, turn left and go 100 m. before parking. We will be there at 9.00am sharp. I have maps and directions to the next properties with me. Look forward to seeing you on Sat. Cheers, Jill

5 years ago
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